There can be no better way to delve into what it means to be a Reformed Baptist than to read those who have ventured the way.

- Reformed Baptist Academic Press (RBAP) provide excellent theological literature on what it means to be a Reformed Baptist, the Particular Baptist tradition, the theological underpinnings of the confession, and other edifying content.
- The Wandering Bookseller is a stockist of RBAP titles here in Australia, and they provide free shipping. (Rad!)
- Solid Ground Christian Books (SGCB) is another Reformed Baptist Publisher. Of note, they stock a most excellent leather-bound version of the 1677/89 Confession along with the Baptist Catechism. Definitely worth getting!

Recommended Reading List

  • James Renihan (ed.), The Baptist Confession of Faith & The Baptist Catechism (SGCB, 2014) - ISBN: 9781599253466
  • Sam Waldron, 1689 BAPTIST CONFESSION OF FAITH: A Modern Exposition (Evangelical Press, 2016) - ISBN:  9781783971879
  • Erroll Hulse, An Introduction to the Baptists (Audubon Press, 2008) - ISBN: 9780965288378
  • Sam Waldron and Richard C. Barcellos, A Reformed Baptist Manifesto (RBAP, 2004) - ISBN: 9780976003908
  • Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen, Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ (RBAP, 2005) - ISBN: 9780976003939
  • Pascal Denault, The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology (SGCB, 2013) - ISBN: 9781599253251
  • Richard C. Barcellos (ed.), Recovering a Covenantal Heritage (RBAP, 2014) - ISBN: 9781499714487



- Sword & Trowel Magazine - The Sword & Trowel magazine was started in 1865 by C. H. Spurgeon. Currently it enjoys an extensive readership throughout the world, especially among ministers and church leaders. Each issue of the Sword & Trowel includes a new book.
- Reformation Today - Reformation Today aims at encouraging churches and individuals throughout the (English Speaking) world to embrace and hold the biblical faith as outlined and understood by the London Confession of Faith (1689). The magazine links together those who are concerned to see reformation in our churches, and an appreciation of our reformed and puritan heritage.
- Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies - The Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (JIRBS) is published to explain and support the theology of Holy Scripture as it is summarized in the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. The journal is published annually.
- Banner of Truth - Published monthly, the Banner of Truth magazine aims at a serious approach to the Christian faith by means of devotional, historical and doctrinal studies, and seeks to show how that faith relates to modern issues and attitudes.



- THE CONFESSING BAPTIST trawls over thirty Reformed Baptist Blogs in order to provide up to date information on resources for Reformed Baptists.
- 1689 FEDERALISM provides information and research regarding the covenantal heritage of the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith.
- REFORMED RESOURCES provides Australian-centric Reformed resources. It does seem to promote Theonomy which is at odds with 1689 Confessionalism, but there's still many helpful things there.
- THINKING OF GOD is an Australian network of Reformed, confessional, evangelicals. They have edifying articles and host an annual Reformed ministry conference in Sydney and hold other events around the country.
- MONERGISM provide top-notch articles, MP3s and resources on the historic Christian faith.
- REFORMERS BOOKSHOP is a joint venture between the Presbyterian Church of Australia and Stanmore Baptist which strives to make available the best in historic and contemporary Christian literature at affordable prices.
- BAPTIST EVANGELICALS TODAY is a network of evangelical Baptist pastors who are keen to promote evangelical belief and ministry among Australian Baptists.


Seminaries/Theological Colleges

London Reformed Baptist Seminary (Online) - The Online Course of the London Reformed Baptist Seminary opened in 2011 and has grown rapidly with nearly 400 seminarians currently following the course from 50 countries. There is a nominal annual enrolment fee (currently £30). No enrolment fee is charged to men in full-time pastoral ministry or those following the course as auditors.
- Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary (Online/US) - Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary is committed to informed scholarship with a pastoral heart. Both through our distance learning program and for students who choose to move to Owensboro Kentucky and study in person, CBTS is committed to offering the highest quality of scholarship. CBTS is founded on a commitment to the 1689 Baptist Confession. It is the finest historic confession available to the church today.
- Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies (US) - IRBS is a fully functioning residential confessional Reformed Baptist Seminary rooted and grounded in the doctrine and practice of the Word of God as reflected in the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.
- Reformed Baptist Seminary (Online/US) - RBS exists to help churches train men who aspire to gospel ministry, as well as to provide further training for men who are already engaged in gospel ministry.